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  I hope you can find everything you need to get started thinking about what you would like to preserve in your medal display case. The standard items I include (but to which you are NOT limited) are: Personal decorations, service and campaign medals, wings, qualification badges, unit or group patches, a period photograph, rank insignia, and a brass name plaque with pertinent information. There are boundless possibilities to make this as highly personal as you wish, and I'm always happy to help with suggestions and decisions. I research where and what I need to insure accuracy of the items in your display. Heritage Memorial is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet and surpass your expectations, and customer references attesting to this are available upon request. Due to its nature, the display case is highly personal, and I am proud of the connections I make with my clients while doing one.
   Prices are primarily dependent upon the number of items that you want to be included in the case; it is this that drives the size of the frame. MY PRICES ON COMPLETED CASES AVERAGE BETWEEN 200 $ AND 450 $, although the price can be less or more. An important pricing factor is the number of items you have to provide me, vis-a-vis what items I need to purchase (some items are lost over time or moves); allow for the size of a photo you may want, and we work together creatively to do something beautiful and important! I do the research and help educate you about the military significance of an item(s), and whether (or why) it should be included. I can acquire virtually anything that a vet may need, and I've happily surprised some clients with the appearance of a patch they haven't seen since 1945! Digital photos of the cases in-progress are standard; a few lay-out options will be sent you ensuring that we agree on the final design that you want.
       It saddens me that some vets feel they cannot afford such a worthy display of their sacrifice! I am reasonably priced, and for veterans I offer a sliding pay scale.    Mail service to you is at your discretion; however, insurance with any carrier is an absolute must, paid by you, as I believe the finished products to be solid gold! Please view the Gallery page, look around and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail OR by telephone at (512) 413-0015. And please, if leaving a message, mention "medal display case" or "shadowbox." Thanks!

  I hope to do business with you! Please check back later for new updates to the Photo Gallery.
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