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  My goal in creating a framed military medals display is to produce a tangible recognition of a veteran's service; and in doing so pass down through family generations a new understanding of respect, sacrifice, admiration, and history. When finished and on your wall, it will be a point of great personal pride for the veteran and family. Preservation of precious family heirlooms is a secondary benefit to commissioning a framed display. My knowledge is extensive on research, military history, and proper wear of the uniforms and accoutrements. Adherence to military Order of Precedence for all awards and their devices is of great importance to me, and reflected in your display.                                                              Please see selected commissions on my Gallery Page: roll the arrow over a photo for details, or click on any photo to highlight it individually.
   Additionally I re-drape old or worn medals with original or new ribbon. I procure for my clients virtually any item, and I am always reasonable in my pricing.                                                                            COST: Final price is primarily dependent upon 2 things: 1) the number of items that you want in the case, as this determines the size of the frame and its cost; 2) the number of items you provide me versus what items I need to purchase. MY PRICES ON COMPLETED CASES AVERAGE BETWEEN $325 AND $500, although the price can be less or more. It saddens me that some vets or family feel they cannot afford such a worthy display of their service and sacrifice! I am reasonably priced, and I happily offer a sliding pay scale. Digital photos showing layout options (before final completion) are standard, ensuring that we agree on the final design you want.
 As my clientele is nationwide, when shipping I package exceedingly well, always include insurance, and provide you tracking. Upon request I give estimates for insurance purposes. If you have any comments or questions, please go to my Contact Page.

  Please visit occasionally for photo updates of newly commissioned pieces to the Gallery Page. Thank you...
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